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Buy beads

Members of Yorokai can pay their trainings with beads.  A bead is a virtual coin that is stored in a virtual bucket and its price depends on the long term engagement of the player.  Read more here about the reduction strategy and the advantages of paying with beads.

Steps to buy beads

Step 1 : 

Step 2 :  

Step 3 :

Step 4 : 

Become a member if you 're not yet one here

Calculate the number of beads you need:

  • per taikoNetix-training for starters you need 10 beads;

  • per taikoTrail-class for starters you need 13 beads;
    Check out the starters-program here.

  • per taikoTrail-class for advanced players you need 18 beads.
    Check out advanced-program here.

Request the number of beads with the form below and await Yorokai's response by email with a confirmation of your calculation and a payment invitation.  

Pay your beads with the details you received in step 3.

Top up a bucket

What is your Yorokai ID ?

If you are not a member yet, you can apply for a membership here.

Whom's bucket do you want to top ?

How many bags do you want to add ?

Every bag contains 50 beads and gives you 2% extra volume reduction (max. 20%).

bags x 50 beads/bag

number of beads that will be added: 


How many years are you a Yorokai-member ?

Nót including this year, every year gives you 1% extra loyalty reduction (max. 5%).

membership years passed

How many Yorokai-members are there in your family ?

Nót including yourself, every extra family member gives 5% extra family reduction (max. 20%).


Overview of applied reductions

volume reduction

loyalty reduction

family reduction







total reduction



Membership price for this purchase




netto price




21% taxes



total price



Are you a robot ?

Thank you for your order!

You will receive a payment invitation by email within two working days. If not, don't hesitate to contact us!

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