Do you want to share your energy with an audience?  
Us too!

With the taikoTeams program we strive for excellence while enjoying progress.   We focus on the kumi -together- aspect of taiko.  Together in sound and movement, but also in friendship and respect.  

We believe that a continuous constructive feedback loop encourages everyone to give their very best in favor of the team and the performance.

Train to perform!

Join us in building  Yoroki

The brand new demonstration team of Yorokai!

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What about corona ?

the  Yoroki-program



@ Brecht



250 euro per year


check out here

14:30 - 15:45 : drils

16:00 - 17:00 : taikoNetix 


Are you a  Yoroki ?

Check for yourself:

  • Do you like to throw in all the energy that you have ? 

  • Are you energized by things that run smoothly ?

  • Are you challenged by things you can improve ?

  • Can you be honest about things that go wrong ? 

  • Are you a team player ?  

  • Do you want to participate in a continuous constructive feedback loop ? 

  • Do you want to share the magic of drumming ? 

Did you answer "Yes!" 7 times ? 

Then you are a Yoroki !

Yorokai, sharing the magic of drumming!

an initiative of

Annick Robberecht & Egon Guilliams

Heidelaan 22a - 2960 Brecht

+32 477 26 55 14


BE25 0689 3609 4382

BE 0738.618.772


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