Picture of Low Sugar

But ...

the more you play, 

the cheaper they get!


One bead equals one euro

Beads for beats!

Yorokai members can also

pay with beads!

Yorokai's reduction plan


The more you play, the less you pay!

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You get

2 % 

extra reduction per

bag of 50 beads

with a maximum of 20%


You get

1 % 

 extra reduction per

membership year

with a maximum of 5%


You get

5 % 

extra reduction per

family member

with a maximum of 20%

Beads in a bucket


We keep your beads in a virtual bucket and every time you register or check in for training, we deduct the amount of beads from your bucket.  

The advantages

With beads

  • you can enjoy the reductions;

  • you only have to pay 50% of the fee to reserve your drum,
    you pay the other 50% when you check in for training;

  • you can maximize the reductions as the beads are valid for 14 months;

  • you don't need to bring cash to the training.

Ordering beads will be possible from August 15, 2021.