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Become a member of the  Yorokai-tribe and enjoy the following benefits:

  • pay your beats with beads and pay less;

  • pay only 50% to reserve your spot
    and 50% when you attend the training; 

  • feel safe with an all-round sport insurance;

  • get access to our Facebook community;

  • get a -partial- refund from you health insurance;

  • get access to our online database with scores and training video's.

Steps to become a member

Step 1  :  Complete the form below.

Step 2 :  Pay your membership fee





: Yorokai

: 55 euro 

BE25 0689 3609 4382

: Membership 2020-2021  - [first name and last name]


Step 3 : Check your mailbox for our confirmation. 

(This might take up to two working days.)

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Welcome to the Yorokai-tribe!

We also welcome you by email.

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