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Bounce like Bonten

3 masterclasses series

Kobayashi Masataka San
Is the leader of Bonten, a world-famous taiko-group, and the author of Yorokai's most favorite songs. His taiko music is rich and orchestral and his team plays with a joyful lightness while in total unison. Kobayashi san's support has been crucial in launching Yorokai and now he takes his engagement to yet another level by treating Yorokai with a full week of intense training. We are happy and proud to share this privilege and honor with everybody!

Content & Gaifu
Kobayashi san will share his methods and techniques while building up Gaifu.  Gaifu is -as you could guess- one of Yorokai's favorite songs.  Kobayashi san will be accompanied by one if his professional Bonten-players ánd by a translator, so he will have all the tools to bring his message across.

Gaifu has several levels of difficulty, making it accessible to a wide range of players.  You can enjoy Bonten's bouncing performance of Gaifu in this video.  Kobayashi san also empowered Yamatai, a taiko group in New York.  Their version of Gaifu 
is on YouTube.

Planning & difficulty

This series consists of three consecutive evening classes.  Class starts at 19:30 -sharp- but you are welcome from 19:00.  We don't have to load or unload any drums, so we can use all our time for playing and learning.

The difficulty level will increase every day, building up from a one-year-of-Yorokai-classes- level on day 1 to as-advanced-as-possible on day 3.  Feel free to step in at the level that feels appropriate and to assess after each class if the next class is beneficial for you.  Class 3 is reserved for advanced players only.  


    Brasschaatsteenweg 268

    2920 Kalmthout
    (routing details)


    50 euro for 1 class

    90 euro for 2 classes

   120 euro for 3 classes

Want to join?

Send a mail to with your name, mobile number and dates you want to participate. 

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