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At Yorokai, we like to compare learning taiko with a journey through the mountains.  Every time you go for a walk, you enrich your experience and understanding.  

The collection of encounters with other travelers and explorations guided by more experienced travelers make everyone's journey -and play- unique and rich.   

At Yorokai, we want to be your trailblazer!  With  taikoTrails we offer a variety of modules -which we like to call trails- with different learning opportunities and levels of difficulty.


You just pick your best fit!

Embark for the journey !

Join us exploring taiko!

Pick the trails that matches your level.

Are you new to taiko or do you want to strengthen your basics ?  Then these trails are for you!

Starter trails run at

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Are you never experienced enough and do you want to learn more ? 

Join us!

Experienced trails run at

experienced players



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