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Bounce like Bonten


is the author of Yorokai's most favorite songs. His taiko music is rich and orchestral and his team plays with a joyful lightness while in total unison. Kobayashi san's support has been crucial in launching Yorokai and now he takes his engagement to yet another level by treating Yorokai with a full week of intense training. We are happy and proud to share this privilege and honor with everybody!

Kobayashi san will share his methods and techniques while building up Gaifu. Gaifu is -as you could guess- one of Yorokai's favorite songs. It has three levels of difficulties, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Kobayashi san will be accompanied by one if his professional Bonten-players ánd by a translator, so he will have all the tools to bring his message across.

Gaifu has several levels of difficulty, making it accessible to a wide range of players. The difficulty level of the classes will increase every day, building up from a one-year-of-Yorokai-classes level. Feel free to assess after each class if the next level is beneficial for you.


Aantal sessies

August, 30 and 31 2022
Class starts at 19:30 -sharp- but you are welcome from 19:00 and we'll play until 21:30. We don't have to load or unload any drum, so we can use all our time for learning.

1 or 2 classes



At least one year of taiko training.

50 euro for 1 class
90 euro for 2 classes


Mimuze @ Kalmthout